"Rocky Road" Survivors

Author: Rhue Rosa


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"Rocky Road" Survivors is an inspirational book of poetry and spoken word dedicated to those who are experiencing (and those who have survived) trauma, hardship, illness, challenges and loss. It is a book to encourage those who have survived Covid-19 and/or lost loved ones to it... This book is for people who have lost loved ones to gun violence...It is a book to honor essential workers, emergency responders, medical professionals, mentors, spiritual leaders...

It is a book with motivating poetry for substance abusers. It is for people who are stigmatized because of their diagnoses... or address... or ethnicity.

Rhue Rosa is an ordained minister, missionary and licensed social worker who has been writing poetry and stories since elementary school. The daughter of South American immigrants, she was provided with a stable, loving foundation as a child; her parents set an example as hardworking people who encouraged academic excellence. During her teenage years, Rhue began to experience life events that caused physical and emotional pain. One of her lengthiest challenges later on as an adult was struggling to complete her college education; she was diagnosed with an executive domain function disorder and needed "reasonable accommodations" to satisfy all of the requirements to graduate. Due to her impairments that affect focus and concentration she earned her degrees years later than her peers. She is a survivor of sciatica, stroke, brain aneurysm, seizure, coma and Covid-19. On a daily basis she has encounters with people affected by addiction, HIV/AIDS, disabilities, and dysfunctional relationships. Since 1998, after making a decision to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, she has been working with dynamic leaders in her community, using her God-given gifts and talents to encourage, comfort and edify.

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Black & White

Pages: 48 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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