Shadows Of The Future

Author: Robert J. Rubinetti


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All sentient life searches the vastness of space and the mysteries it holds, some search to understand their place in it, some to find where they are going, some obsessed to hold onto their dreams, and some to prove themselves. It is the destiny and fate of the Stevenson family to unravel the universes greatest inevitable truth.

When Jon Christopher Stevenson and his son Daniel reactivate a powered down NASA probe they uncover an alien signal coming from a hidden star system 1.8 light years from Earth that only the probe can see. Caught up in his father’s obsession, Daniel leaves for college making it his mission to decipher the alien communication before the government can. Meanwhile, not far away a living alien probe searches deep space on orders from its home world. In its search, it eventually receives a signal that can only be called alien and a race begins towards a new age for humanity.

This is the beginning of the Stevenson family’s story and of humanities. How it ends remains shrouded in the Shadows of The Future.

ROB RUBINETTI is no stranger to science or SYFI. He has lived life as a lover of both. As a young boy growing up in age of space exploration unparalleled in human history, he wrote SYFI adventures stories and performed plays in Miniature Theater of these stories in his hometown community center. As a young man in school, he developed conceptual space flight science which only today are we beginning to explore.

He went on to obtain degrees in Mechanical and Nuclear Propulsion Engineering, but always retained his passion for great story telling. Now returning to his passion he brings us the story of what is to come for the human race as we explore the deepest reaches of space. How our need to explore the unknown will lead to unveiling the inevitable truth behind our universe’s greatest mystery in Shadows of the Future.

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Pages: 364 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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