Author: Kristin Joy Swarcheck, M.Ed.


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I’ll never forget the officer walking towards me, handcuffs dangling from his fingers, the pinch of skin as the metal clicked around my wrists, or my cheeks flushing hot with shame as I tried to move gracefully in my black, Ann Taylor dress and high heels. With my hands cuffed behind my back, on what felt like the longest walk of my life, I felt the hot stare of every eye in the courtroom as the cop escorted me to my holding cell in the basement.

There I was, a fit, healthy woman, a successful entrepreneur, a mom, and a well-known member of my community. What the hell was I doing there?

Crashing into Grace is a book designed to help readers put down their shields of perfectionism and people-pleasing, surrender their weapons of numbing and escape, and walk the path of becoming the people they were born to be. Kristin Joy Swarcheck has learned firsthand what it takes to rise from the ashes and lead with her whole heart. This book is designed to help readers drop the shame, own their stories, lead with compassion, and fully embody their worth.

Whether this is your first exploration of this hero’s journey or if you are a lifelong student of personal development, this book will transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Finally, with ease and grace, you will be able to live a richer, more meaningful life—one where you are no longer asleep at the wheel.

“When we are willing to drop the armor and weapons that imprison us from a

life of abundance, we discover we’ve been holding the keys all along and simply

have been asleep at the wheel. Self-awareness is the fuel that fills our tank and

enables us to steer our life to the destination of our dreams.”


In her two decades as a transformational teacher, management consultant, and business coach, Kristin has made it her mission to help men and women around the globe to come into alignment with who they really are. She is known for her life-changing energetic leadership principles and coaching practices that help her clients to make the journey from fear to love. Kristin received a master's degree in 2001 from The Pennsylvania State University and a coaching certification in 2015 from the International Coaching Federation. When not spending time with her daughters, she enjoys traveling and leading retreats where she can inspire others to lead with their whole heart. Learn more about Kristin at

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