Becoming Purple - My Personal Bible of Recollecting Reflections

Author: Kineen Mafa


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This book is a written testimony of our experiences as a Negro aborigine, born in Louisiana 45 years ago. It is record of some of the many challenges we have endured because we could not deny our connection to our fore-mothers in a patriarchal binary society. It is also a record of some of our happiest moments. The book is not fiction it’s based on our life. It is a mixture of all things us.

It’s a collection of original images, stories, poems, and letters. It is an out pouring of ourselves. The stories told in this book have impacted and shaped our being on this plain. It is a private love letter made public. Wise people know love isn’t always pretty! This book is meant to aid in fostering conversations and dialogue that help us to transcend stigmas associated with: gender, sex, race, disease, mental illness, addiction, sex work and human sexuality. This book is about our journey to embracing all of ourselves both chaos and order, masculine and feminine, the bitter and sweet.

We hope that through our openness and vulnerability we can guide others toward healing. We pray this book serves as added encouragement and inspiration to those who are on a path of self-discovery, inner peace, and wholeness! LelimLelur

We are Kineen Mafa which is our artist name, our sovereign name, and free name. Kineen Mafa means King, Queen, Mamma, and Father. It is about both guiding and serving. The book is an act of guiding and serving. We are serving the reader our truth praying it guides others in their decision making, allowing them to learn from our perceivable missteps and well as our successes. What makes this book interesting is that the reader gets to time travel often, as we experience many flash backs in the book because of the author’s unique style of storytelling.

The author who actually uses the pronouns they, them and she decided only to use they, them, us, and we, pronouns to share this collection of short stories. The hope is that everyone who reads this book will be able to connect with the main character no matter their sex or gender. This book is creative, raw, wisdom filled, transparent, informative, and honest. There are no chapters. The book is divided in to 14 RRs. These are what the author calls Recollecting Reflections This book is nearly a half a century worth of growth and self-awareness. Truly beings like ourselves didn’t receive much airtime in the Holy Bible so we decided to write our own. This is our personal Bible and now it’s available to all of you as well.

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Insightful story into the world of Kineen Mafa

I had the opportunity to read this book and must say I couldn’t put it down. It tells the story of Tela who was assigned male ay birth and beginning with her struggles with the church at a young age and later the trials and tribulations into womanhood. She helps guide you masterfully through her journey of her life in the masterpiece of work to the person she is known today as Kineen Mafa.

by Kevin Wendell

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Genre: Spirituality

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