Author: Dr. Mahmoud Sous , Bhoomika Pathak & Bhoomika Pathak


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This book will include a complete management of your back pain starting with pain management, correction of posture, self exercises for strengthening, self-massage techniques, incorporation of herbs to reduce inflammation and stiffness, hydrotherapy, heat and cold application, nutritional food to eat during pain. It will be a stepwise guide to treat and monitor your back and restore your functions. Find out what are the factors which are causing you back pain and start healing it today. This could be useful to any individual who is experiencing back pain needs a cure. Hopefully, this book will give you a glimpse into those other areas. So please accept this humble offering of help which represents my current understanding as of today this book is published.

Dr. Mahmoud Sous – Ph.D.

During the period of 1995-1999, I went to the medical school in Poland to research about the various methods of back pain treatment. After finishing my PhD, I took variety of courses including naturopath, acupuncture, and manual techniques. This gave me an idea that exercises, and massage could be helpful in treatment of chronic pain. But my findings didn’t stop me here, I also worked as a naturopath practitioner in Canada where I got familiar about treatments with Chinese medicines, osteopath techniques and some other manual therapies which helps in pain management.

Fixing injuries requires an understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. That is why my research and treatment belong to the holistic approach of using different techniques and remedies for the treatment of back pain. In 1990, I realize that there are some complex spinal aspects and issues which leads to of back pain. So, from my case studies I formulated a guideline which is clear and easy to understand and will fix your issues.

My goal is to help people visualize how the body functions and what happens inside when you experience pain. Healing requires to focus on one’s action because pain results due to faulty actions and movements. This thought motivated me to work on a book which will include all home remedies where people can treat themselves to fix their pain. I have included knowledge based on my clinical research using manual massage therapy, food habits, nutrition facts, heat, sauna, hydrotherapy, cold water treatments which overall helps in pain management. It gives me pleasure to introduce this book to the community where I have shared all my experienced treatment plans.

Bhoomika Pathak (Physiotherapist)

After graduating in 2014, I have been working with various clinical conditions like sports injury, musculoskeletal injury, and neurological disorders for 7 years. Along with Dr. Mahmoud, I have worked on treatment and pain management for back pain population. With all the successful outcomes till now, we have designed a home remedy book with 24-hour stepwise guide to treat your back pain.

Priyanka Yadav (Physiotherapist)

Since completing my study in Physiotherapy, I always aspired to work for the society. Seeing people suffering motivated me to work for this book. Along with Dr. Mahmoud, I have been constantly working with various use of herbs and its effects in pain management.

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