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This book tells my story of childhood trauma that affected the

most important relationship in my life. I grew up under the

control of an extremely abusive father. Love was mixed with

what I can only describe as hate, and sweet family memories

were overshadowed by fear and anxiety. It was not until I

reached adulthood that I realized how much this trauma

affected my view of God. My Heavenly Father was so different

from my earthly father, but yet I related one to the other, and

the mistrust of one caused the mistrust of the other. It was

a long, emotional journey, but truly God redeems. It took a

long time for me to realize that I was not alone. People carry

a lot of baggage, they carry a lot of memories, and they carry

a lot of pain. This book is to let people know that they are not

alone and that healing is definitely within their reach. My

hope is that parents read this and take seriously the impact

they have on their children’s lives. I also hope the people who

have suffered pain and abuse would hold on tightly to God.

He is ultimately our Healer.

The author’s name is Elvira Thomas. She

grew up on a small island in the Caribbean.

She was the youngest of six children. She is

a mother of one and a grandmother of five.

She is a living testimony that God heals

the brokenhearted. That was a lesson that

seems to take a lifetime. She learned that

when you operate in forgiveness and love,

your walk with God is stronger.

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Black & White

Pages: 110 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Biography

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