Tested Yet Strengthened

Author: Rhonda Strickland


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Have you ever wondered why God brought you into this world? I have. Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your life is? I have. Have you ever wondered why certain things always happen to you? I have. You may or may not know my name, and you don’t know what I have been through nor my story! There’s a story behind every person and usually a reason why they are the way they are. This is my story! My story has all of the emotions in it. It will make you laugh, bring tears to your eyes, etc.

I am a strong African-American woman, a single mother of three and a Covid-19 survivor from the Hill District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is striving to make goals and dreams come true for my children and me, despite the storms we had to face in our lives! Everything that has hit me in life, I’ve dealt with! I’ve cried myself to sleep, picked myself up and wiped my own tears! I’ve grown from things that were meant to break me! I’ve been bullied! I’ve been sexually assaulted! I’ve been mentally abused! I’ve even done things that I would take back if I could, but through it all, I’ll never forget who I am! I am too BLESSED to be stressed! I am too ANOINTED to be disappointed! I am too FREE to be bound by the enemy! I am a child of God and I’ve been born BLESSED!

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Black & White

Pages: 110 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Autobiography

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