Vegan for the Week

Author: Cheyanne K. Gonzalez


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Vegan for the Week is the perfect cookbook for those who are looking to try a vegan diet, or looking to transition to a vegan lifestyle, and need a place to start. Whether you're deciding to make a change to your lifestyle choices, or maybe just curious as to what all the talk is about when it comes to plant-based foods, this book offers you a welcome and easy place to start.

Vegan for the Week offers simple, and delicious recipes to make at home by yourself, or to try with friends and family. A total of 18 recipes, and 5 bonus recipes, you can enjoy some familiar smoothies and foods with a vegan twist. This book makes being Vegan for the Week easy, fun, and flavorful.

One must choose to live their life with intention and purpose, when you decide who you want to be, the rest will start to make sense. Consciously choosing to transition to a healthier lifestyle has benefited my body tremendously. As a type 1 diabetic, nutrition has always been a priority, as well as a huge struggle for me. Learning how to eat a plant-based diet has opened doors I didn't know were there and has allowed me to gain knowledge about what health truly is. I've lost weight, gained better control of my diabetes, and have been blessed to share this experience with those who are willing to listen. I think it was important for me to have foods that I enjoyed and that sounded familiar when I first began my journey and found that it encouraged me to keep going. Now, I am currently transitioning further into an alkaline diet. My life is filled with reading about and consuming natural herbs, and foods that help bring our bodies to optimal conditions so that we can live life the way it was intended to be. This journey has brought me to writing my own book and teaming up to start an herbal supplements business, Flash Supplements LLC. Sickness starts from our stomachs; What you feed your body, becomes your body. I truly encourage everyone to start your success somewhere, but most importantly start with yourself; I don't regret my decision.

Feed your body, feed your soul.

With Love,

Cheyanne K. Gonzalez

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Genre: Cooking

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