Thief of Grace

Author: Randi Ruppersberg


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After ten years of fighting, Andyln and the Apostles finally have a chance to close the Gates of Hell. A demon had wandered into The Camp during the Festival of Memories and everyone’s world turned upside down. Axe, Andy’s little brother, a genius with weapon care and technology is going on his first big mission.

Ever is dealing with an old secret that is surfacing whether he wants it to or not. Dimitri has to put her family first to save the world, even if that means sacrificing a few soldiers for the greater good. But will they be able to close the doors to Hell? Or will Lucifer have a plan to stop the Apostles?

Randi Ruppersberg is an Interior Design student who loves scifi and fantasy literature and entertainment. They love to create new worlds and design anything from characters to stories to clothing.

They have been writing for almost five years. This story is inspired by many things, one of them being Randi’s journey to adulthood and having to figure out things on their own. The characters all embody a little bit of Randi and their love for cultures and family. While Andy is based on a fifteen-year-old Randi, they are rather partial to the character Roman, and his struggle with figuring out who he is and what he wants. They hope you enjoy Thief of Grace!

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Black & White

Pages: 214 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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