What Happened to the Village : America Under Indictment



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As time passes, we often forget or in many situations we never know the history of us as a nation and as a people. This book contains both positive and negative accounts of us as a nation of immigrants of whom many found success. It also tells the story of those who although worked hard found it as an unfriendly all too often a place of isolation and brokenness. There is, however, a hope that for what seems to have taken centuries to arrive—a hope that black people have wondered why have the believers in an almighty God taken so long to acknowledge by their actions to speak out and express what is wrong with us as a people, a nation, and a world! For the first time, we see the awesome shedding of influence of people around the world speaking to those who have for so long ignored the plight and indignity forced on segments of society by using our political system and unjust laws to violate basic human rights of its own citizens! America, we can do better; we must do better if we are to be that light that sits upon the hill for the world to see! If we continue as we have done historically; the question will not be one of what happened to the village but rather one the world will ask in what happened to America?

The author is a man who is deeply committed to God and improving relationships. This includes between people and God and between each other in order to achieve what he believes God intended and what human beings truly need if we are to survive. As a son he expresses thoughtfulness, love and support to his parents. He is married to the love he calls his rib; Not his spare rib or short rib but rather his prime rib! He describe his children as awesome and inspiring. His four grandchildren as his legacy and why he felt compelled to write this book. They are growing up at a time of unprecedented division and at the same a time when more than ever people of good will are speaking. He is a man of faith and of action; his book is both timely and insightful. it is my hope that this is only the beginning.

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Genre: Fiction

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