Let's Celebrate Holidays in America

Author: Riddhima Verma


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Come and see all the holidays of America, you'll learn more about them, know why they are so special and maybe even start celebrating them. Each holiday is something new. So if you love holiday's then come and read this book, but it's not just some book that you read telling about it in a boring matter, it is a book that is written in poem form. By, reading this book you will feel the holiday spirit even when it is not the time of year or even if you don't participate in that holiday! Find out more by reading the pages in this book!

Hello everyone, my name is Riddhima Verma and I am the author of this book. I really hope you love this book, also thank you so much for reading! I am 10 years old right now. My favorite food is cake, and my favorite movie series is probably the Marvel series or the Harry Potter series. To other people in my grade or school, poetry is just another assignment to do, but to me, poetry is a whole other world, the thing I love most about poetry is how much freedom you have and how much you can express yourself just with words. Some people think poetry has to rhyme it doesn't have to rhyme but I must admit I like to rhyme a lot in my poems. What inspired me to write this book was to show people the other world I see in poetry that a lot of people don't because the amount of freedom and the amount that you get t express yourself in poetry is off the charts, so you should definitely give it a try and look at it in a whole new way and once you do I assure you'll love it. Thanks again, Riddhima Verma.

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