A Linn Street Story

Author: Ra’Me Long


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A Linn Street Story: PUSHIN' PIECES

The allure of street life attracts many young men and women in the ghettos across America. Jahlil and Maze were no different; they got caught up in the web of the lifestyle at an early age.

Jahlil is the smooth, fashion-forward, pure-bred hustla; and Maze is the muscle who thrives on the power associated with guns and violence. One situation turns into another as these two navigate the twists, turns, and roadblocks that come along with the game.

Follow these two as they live a life filled with sex, money, drugs, and violence as they climb the ladder of “success.” Always remember that the streets is a bitch, and things ain’t always what they seem. So, keep yo eyes open and trust no one, ’cause when you’re getting to the money, there’s always someone watching trying to take yo place.

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Pages: 124

Genre: Fiction


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