Trailer Park : We all Started Somewhere

Author: Tommy Lee Marin


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"But that was life in the trailer park-sometimes fun and, oftentimes, tragic." For years, I've always considered myself lucky and that I've only gotten where I am because of luck. But what I now realize is that I wasn't lucky at all. I was dealt a pretty terrible hand when I was born. But, I observed those around me that seemed to have it better than I did, and I tried to take their advice. Like most, I did the best I could. None of us initially get the hand we want when we sit down at a poker table, but hopefully, after some practice and paying attention to those other players around you, you pick up on the game a little bit. And then, from that point, you take the next card and try to come up with a better hand. And unlike a real poker game, I hope everyone at my table ends up with a Royal Flush.


I am not a normal person. And neither are you. None of us are normal. And we all have baggage. I want to normalize baggage of abnormal people. For those that don't know my baggage, they think I have my life completely together. And for now, I do. But that wasn't always the case. I started in a trailer park and it took me almost 42 years to mentally move out of it. I want this book and my story to help others that may still need to move out of "their" trailer park.

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Pages: 58 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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