Broken Images

Author: Canise Brooks


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In a world full of images, sometimes you have to ask yourself what are some parts in my life that I do not like. Some parts of me that I am only carrying around because of my up-bringing, or maybe some pain that I caused to myself or pain that someone else caused in my life. Now I am stuck in this image that I didn’t even ask for. In the beginning of the bible (Genesis 1:26) exact he said, ‘’Let us make man in Our Image, according to our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. So my question is how did we get here? If we have power over everything including ourselves, how did we end up broken, lost, hurt, trustless, bound, evil hearted, fake, and loveless. Somewhere along the way of life we have all lost our image on who we truly are and who we are meant to be. Most of us will find our way back, but a lot of us will not. That’s not even the scary part. The fact that we continue to create generation after generation after generations with the same broken images all over again now that’s scary.

Today is the day that I believe every person that tunes into this book will realize that I may not be broken like them but I am going to recognize from now on the fruits that I bear. Please don’t get me wrong, I know you may be thinking that all images aren’t bad or broken and that is correct. Some images are sweet, kind and giving, aren’t broken at all. Which is amazing, but think about all the images around you, people that you know, your very own people and not once have you told them about who GOD said they were supposed to be. This book is based on three very different characters they are not the same, but all carry around a image because of their past. I pray you enjoy, and I pray that you will understand that GOD created a whole different image for us, so why settle for less. -Three Women-Three Images-Three twist-One Story-GOD just don’t want to save us ;He wants to transform us. Moonchild

Born and raised in Dallas Tx, on July 13, 1989 writer Canise Brooks (Moonchild) started writing at the age of thirteen. She also wrote her first play called “Ghetto Girls” and reacted all the characters by herself in her room. Over the course of years her writing path was shut out in the dark and she stopped writing for a long period of time. Trials and tribulations came into her adulthood as she begins to have children and the marriage life. She always had a journal by her side to write down her pain and her struggles with life and finding herself all over again. Losing her home, getting a divorced, and losing herself made her realize that GOD had a plan for her life all this time. This was not just a passion to her; writing was who she was and have always been before she was formed in her mother’s womb

“She turned her pain into PURPOSE”.

AND now she is teaching others the same from her testimonies and how GOD touched her overnight and said rise up and follow your dreams. Rise up and encourage others; do not judge because you too shall be judged. Forgive those whom has harmed you as GOD has forgiven you.

Love and you shall be loved for all eternity. Pray when you are down, but pray harder when you are up.


Clap for her journey and clap for your own as well.


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