What it was like to fall in love with you

Author: Peyton Elizabeth McManus


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Reading that word can invite a visceral reaction in almost anybody. What was yours? Disgust. Pity. Joy. Blind curiosity. Ignorance. Yearning. Loss. Pain. An existential “is it even real?” rabbit hole. The truth is, I feel like all of us can relate to those at different parts of our lives. We only hope that we will be able to fall in love with ourselves

throughout the process. And maybe--just maybe--someone else too. A delicately-knit quilt of vulnerability, pain, and adoration, What It Was Like to Fall in Love With You puts the narratives that we believe about love on display, following a delicate yet inevitable storyline of growing through heartbreak, individuality, rebellion, abuse, and ultimately: love.

Peyton Elizabeth McManus has been on this planet for a measley 17 years, and is still yet to understand a plethora of things. Among them being the way that cats work, limb regeneration, and pinecones. She has, however, noticed a couple of things about love from the relationships she’s seen and been in, both platonically, romantically, and familiarly. Peyton wrote What It Was Like to Fall in Love With You as an ode to love in all of its forms, and what happens to our hearts when we let it in. She is the founder and president of the Creative Writing Club at her high school, has been in over 20 theatrical productions, and has won an award at the Applley Publishing Contest for her work, “At Some Point.”

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Genre: Poetry

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