Spiritual Guidance

Author: Angelia Daniels


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This is a spiritual book that will teach you to lean on Jesus and trust god through difficult times. This is a spiritual book that will teach you how to pray and fast when trouble times occur not only in our lives but also in the churches today.

So it will teach you how to pray what to pray and when to pray. It will increase your faith and walk in god and help you to understand the spiritual attacks and how to know when you are dealing with them. You will learn about spirit and how they operate in the spiritual realms. This spiritual book tell us that we must have a relationship with Christ Jesus in order to understand the assignments and our journey in our lives.

My name is Angelia Daniels I am 43 years old. I have been married 27 years to my supported husband Theonzie Daniels we both were born and raised from a small city called Havana Fla. I was raised by my mother Hattie Rouse and my step father Denny Williams who is now deceased. I have five siblings three on my mother side still living and many more on my biological father side who is deceased also. I will like to thank each one of you. I will like to thank all my sister in Christ and my spiritual mother Tammy Copeland (Bernard Copeland) she was always pushing me into my purpose. My other Spiritual parents who also push me into greater. But I could have not did this without my favorite two cousin support who been there through the tears, the setbacks, the losses and the disappointment I am a business owner, an educator, a leader, now a book writer.

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Speaks guidance because it symbolizes direction and teachings you to follow.

Yes! I really enjoyed the book, but the editor should have been more determined and proofed read this book. It seems like he used auto word only to change the words that needed to . Instead of actually checking and looking over the words before publishing this book. This message was clear but the editor didn’t understand the difference between Santa and Satan which the word was found numerous time. A lot of run on sentences was noticed and I was just not at all pleased with the editing of this book. Will I do it again yes will I go with the same person probably not.

by Angelia

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Genre: Religion

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