Just To Be Like You

Author: Crystal Kelley


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Sometimes as parents, it is forgotten that the ways exemplified are the ways children latch on and become to be a mother who knows that her ways are being followed by her daughter actively shows the correct actions needing to be followed. Her awareness allows her to conduct herself in the image that she know will later be instilled into her daughter. Her daughter is known to be a reflection of her.

With the daughter’s willingness to assist and be a part of the tasks being shown and taught makes it even more enjoyable because she truly admires her mother.

So everyday consists of them completing tasks with each other and by each other’s waist side. This story reassures that both the parent and child on the reality of a true Role Model. In this book, it includes examples of tasks that could contribute to the character being developed within the child.

Crystal Kelley is an author-illustrator whom has always had a joy in doodling and drawing since her childhood. She can recall noticing that her father and eldest brother being skillful artist as well. In Atlanta, Georgia where she was born, the city was ranked the ninth best for its arts in the American Style Magazine. Assimilating her gifted talent with her passion drove her to start her literary journey with Children’s Book. This allowed Crystal to combine her experience and moments with children and love for art to merge into one to curate beautiful and meaningful content.

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Pages: 24 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Inspirational

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