The Story Of Jessie Mae – Her Life At A Glance

Author: Lenore G. Dangerfield


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This book is about a grandmother running away with a man who would eventually

become her husband. Leaving her four young children to fend for themselves. The

brother, who would be deemed the lifesaver of his three sisters took charge and made

their way across the bayous of Louisiana to the grandparent’s house. Unwanted by their

grandfather the brother promised he would work as hard as he could in exchange for

their shelter.

Each child would reunite with their mother in California as adults and given a chance to

bond with the woman who had abandoned them as young children. Through heartbreak

and turmoil, Jessie Mae’s second chance to be a mother to her children failed.

I realized I had a passion for writing poems some years ago. I finally understood how

my words could touch someone’s soul allowing them to feel what was written on paper.

I knew this is something I’d be doing for a long time. I write poems for many different

occasions for my family and friends. Growing up my mom would tell me stories of her

childhood, and I would get chills down my spine with each story. I also knew one day

I would tell her story and Voila! here it is. I often tell people to be careful of what they

tell me, it might just may end up in a poem.

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Black & White

Pages: 68 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Biography

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