The ABCs of Investing

Author: Ella Love


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My book helps break down the common language of investing in terms of the stock market. I broke down the complex terms into everyday language so a wider group of people could understand the basics of the market and the common terms that are used today. By structuring the book into a note taking format, I hope to bring confidence to people and for them to be open to learning an intimidating topic. Those that study most often times take notes. That is the feel and the tone of the book. I want to help others who have a desire to learn about the stock market but target those especially who feel overwhelmed to have the confidence and understanding through my book. Hopefully this book could ease worries and bring clarity and calmness about such an intimidating topic.

Ella Love has always been a passionate person. Many of her passions are closely related to the entertainment industry. Some of her passions are for music, dancing, modelling and traveling the world. Ella has worked with Telemundo and has competed in many international beauty pageants which played a huge role in the person she is today. Ella recently graced the cover of Playboy and wants to break down barriers of what a woman is. Above all, the most important thing to her is giving back and helping others, which is why the book was written.

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