Shit Piss Stress

Author: Astor Quintana


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We all go through stress, some go through worse than others. This book is a guide of how to use our everyday tools, resources and time to get rid of stress or at least reduce it. It’s not a long book of activities but rather a short guide to become more resourceful of what we already have. Yes, the book is short. Why? Because I want you to get there in a short time and be more aware of what you have instead of burying yourself in a book with a thousand activities for you to reduce stress.

ASTOR QUINTANA is a psychologist, a certified personal trainer, but also a husband, a father, a son, a brother and an enthusiast writer that observes, learns and writes as he feels. He had traveled and moved with his family, and every challenge has only left him with more wisdom and stronger character. He is a poet, a short story author, an actor, and currently working as a writer for a TV network.

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Genre: Self-Help

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