The Discipline of R. E. P. (Really Expressed Passion)

Author: Jean Laguerre Sr.


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The Discipline of The R.E.P was me putting on paper more than four decades of knowledge as a drug free bodybuilding champion who defied the odds in a sport plagued by athletes using drugs: a short cut to success and short term health. I, not only trained drug free, but with a very smile and basic gym in a garage while winning eighteen championships in nine years. Being the youngest of 3 and raised by my mother – a single parent working two jobs as an immigrant from Haiti coming to the States to provide a better opportunity for her family. I am naturally very competitive so any sport I got involved in, I wanted to compete and win! Later I discovered my journey wasn’t all about myself but to share with others and change their lives. With over three decades as a Health and Fitness Coach, it fulfils me even more then my competitive career did. God gave me a precious gift not just for me but to share and inspire others!

My name is Jean Laguerre, Sr. I am 61yrs old. My passion for health and fitness began more than 40yrs ago. A high school athlete playing multiple sport – Football, Handball, Wrestling – and through Football in 1979, I discovered the weight room and fell in love with it which then led to me falling in love with bodybuilding at the age of sixteen years old. As a teenager, I went on to win 10 championships in 4 years. My biggest commitment was to prove it could be done 100% drug free. I went on to compete from 1980-2004, winning 23 championships and two national titles. The last two championships were won when I was 41yrs old. I am a certified Master Trainer and Coach. My focus is to help men and women over 50, in addition to inspiring elementary, middle school and high school students on living healthier and more active lifestyles because they represent our future. Teach them to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking. I am a big believer in leading by example! I am a father of 3 sons – 34, 32, & 25. So, I genuinely care about the future and health of the future generation! My book was about helping to inspire and educate.

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