Don't Date Crazy: The Phil-Am Dream Runs Into The American System

Author: DJDS Sullivan


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The tale of the immigrant in America is an old one. The names and faces change but the struggles of those who come seeking a new and better life are the same. In this story we have a hard working, tax paying, friendly young man from the Philippines. He found some trouble through faults of his own with a young woman, as young men are prone to do. But then the American Justice system stepped in and through incompetence, stupidity, and self-righteous actions cost him his livelihood, freedom, and cost America a hard-working, tax paying, good member of society.

I hope in small part to embarrass the people in the Justice system to self-reflection and modification of the rules that hide bad behavior and move to action those that have in the past tolerated it among their peers. If that does not happen, I hope this will be one of many calls to reform the system by the people of the United States to throw out those in office and positions of power who have for too long run a system of injustice pretending to be one of justice. And if some of those in power can be made to feel just a little shame for their actions and inactions, that will make me smile.
Dedicated to those who see injustice and act.

DJDS is a chemist living in lovely Milpitas California. He is lucky enough to be married to a Philipina and has two children he hopes will grow up in a more just and transparent America. We will survive and come out of these difficult times, hopefully for the better.

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Genre: Fiction

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