Initiation: My Journey to Enlightenment Through Hell

Author: Ambar De Jesus


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I remember most of my childhood since I was 4 years old, at the age of 7, I had a weird seed like thought in my mind, something like I had to help my brothers out of this ugly world we were living in, the ghetto slums of South-Central Los Angeles. I started creative writing at the age of 10, literature has always been my favorite subject. Since a teen I realized my favorite gifts were books, especially growing into an adult and realizing my ex-husband never allowed me to go to school, took me out of school as soon as I became a freshman at Fremont High School, on my first day of school. At the age of 16 years old, the first time I stepped in Umatilla, OR., I astral traveled for the first time ever to visit my past lives, I experienced the three most recent ones, it was an amazing journey to be able to do that at such a young age. I had no idea I was on a real mission to save humanity still on earth, blinded by the bullshit on television media, it's a mission to help humanity evolve out of the current modern-day slavery system. I've reached that spiritual level of immortality, and of course I've chosen this life I AM currently in, here in the present moment to make history, and help change the world, as I start with me first, on the front lines. It is time for peace and love WORLDWIDE, drop the restrictions, borders, and open up the cages for WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS OF LIGHT here to EXPERIENCE HUMAN LIFE!

Born in Los Angeles, California... raised up and down the West Coast from Baja, CA., to Umatilla, Oregon, in which I still reside, I love my town. Life in the ghetto was not easy at all, horrifying, yet it made me strong enough to fully appreciate my journey to enlightenment and finally deciding to heal myself and set foot on the journey to help heal others also. I always knew I was powerful, I just didn't know what kind of power or magick I had, I searched far and wide, and dug deep for my purpose in life. I started practicing magick, holistic healing, rituals, reiki and crystal energy healing, etc. in 2018, in the same year signed my eternal oath to humanity, for the protection and advancement of the human species. I continued on since then on studying and trying to master certain techniques such as: astral journeying, past life regression, chakra balancing, massage therapy, tarot spread readings, akashic records access, figuring out cures for dis-eases, creative writing, to name a few, I am also learning how to deal with random spirits that contact me. I consider myself a developing master in spirituality.I realized I came to earth with a purpose and a whole lot of ancient knowledge in divine timing. The year is 2020, the whole world is stressed out with confusion due to the media and its bullshit. Maybe it's time to sit and relax, read a fucking book, and tap into your power. Blessed Be!

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