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This is a book of all 55 poems I wrote when I was fourteen

divided into chapters of times in my life. Each poem will have

three backslashes when it’s done “///”. They cover many different

topics including: sexual assault, self harm, suicide, love, healing,

politics, and many more. You may not like every poem, that is

totally okay!! If there is one you don’t like I would suggest just

skipping it and going to the next page. All of these poems are

real, all things, thoughts, or feelings I have seen, gone through,

or felt. You are awesome. You are loved. Keep going.


Chloe Abraham wrote this book when she was 14. She lives with

her mother, step-dad, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers. She lives part time

with her step-brother and step-sister. Chloe plays basketball and

does the 800 meter, 400 meter, and triple jump in track. She

is also involved with tutoring and weight lifting. She started

writing when her school shut down because of Covid-19 two

days after her 14th birthday. She needed a new outlet because

she couldn’t play sports. This whole book was written during

age 14 to15, March 16th 2020 to March 16th 2021. Chloe first

started writing a few months after she heard Hamilton, shortly

after she was listening to an interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda.

She didn’t think she could write a whole musical but she wanted

to find a new way to express herself, share her story, and bring

awareness to these hard topics. Chloe plans to move to New

York for college after she finishes her high school education at

Norman County East.

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Pages: 92 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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