I Can’t Swim

Author: Jim Bosley


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This book tells the true story of some of my misadventures outdoors. My stories range from hunting and fishing trips at home, to adventures in the great North Woods of Canada. It has been said if you go with me on a hunting or fishing trip, you will always come back with a “Jim story”. In the book, I try to place the reader in the different scenarios I find myself in, and the types of wildernesses I encountered. I want the reader to be entertained and feel they are in the story.

I grew up in northeast Ohio. My uncles introduced me to hunting and fishing. I spent my summers at the creek behind my grandparents’ house fishing for trout and carp, and my falls chasing rabbits and pheasants in the swamp. My Dad introduced me to fishing in Canada for walleye when I was a teenager. We spent the next twenty years traveling one week every summer to the same camp. I moved to South Carolina in my early 20’s where I was introduced to bass fishing and deer hunting. These experiences have shaped me into the person I am today.

As my passion for hunting grew, I decided to try for larger game in the wilds of Canada. I hunted for bear, elk, moose, and mule deer. My hunts took me to Ontario and British Columbia. The pristine wilderness is unmatched in any part of the world. These adventures are the backdrop for my “misadventures”. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed living them.

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Mr. Bosely is a fantastic story teller !

Took me less than an hour to read but what a great time. Currently on an operation with Mr. Bosley & noticed he was talking to someone about a book & i asked him about the book & he mentioned it was his & he just published it. & since its a very short book i asked if i could read it then & there & he let me. I am not an outdoors person at all, i enjoy the scenery just as much as everyone else but thats pretty much it. Mr. Bosely is very descriptive when it comes to telling a few of his fond memories of the outdoors hunting & fishing in Canada, Ohio, & South Carolina. It felt as if i was there watching him fish walleye in Ontario with his friend and father and also when he bagged his first deer which he has since not bagged one as big as his first one! Recommended for anyone who enjoys the outdoors & all it has to offer. Mr. Bosely is a kind man & a strong leader in the military who just has a passion for being outside & although no one will ever see me fishing or hunting, you could most definitely see me reading his books on his outdoors adventures. Cant wait for your next one sir!

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