I'm Manifesting My Queen Essence: A Journey of Reflecting, Healing, Acceptance, Self-Love & the Pursuit of the Healthy Love I Deserve

Author: Oluwafemi O. Sanya


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This book is a book about helping all women (Queens) realize and tap into their Queen essence. It allows each reader to take a journey down memory lane in order to explore and process how various life encounters, relationships, and experiences has shaped and impact them. This book is unique because it address real life issues and it normalizes imperfections, gives alternative perspectives from both men and women, offers hope and empowers all women to realize their power and value despite the journey life may have taken them. This book brings everything together by addressing life's everyday struggles from a therapeutic lens.

A licensed mental health therapist in Maryland and Washington, DC, Oluwafemi Sanya is the CEO and founder of Melaninated Fathers, LLC. He holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Frostburg State University and a Masters in Counseling from The Chicago School of Psychology. Oluwafemi has been practicing for seven years and daily occupies many roles. He counts each of them as a privilege and never takes any for granted. He also loves life and inspiring others through educating, encouraging, motivating, and listening.

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Pages: 128 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Self-Help

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