Maxi's Travels

Author: Mary Smith


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This is an adventure story for children with lots of great, challenging and imaginary twists and turns. The story includes a bit of magic and mystery of the unknown. Because Maxi has a pure heart and good intentions he is accepted, protected and welcomed everywhere he goes. During his journey he comes across a magical forest. He crosses many difficult, dangerous and tricky paths. Maxi meets many different creatures and beings, including animals both good and bad. Then he sees a giant’s Kingdom, whose Queen, after he earned, it made him a citizen of her Kingdom. Without his knowledge she and the giants prepared him for the continuance of his quest. Maxi started his adventure when he was only sixteen years old, he was still quite young for such a journey. As this adventure takes a long period of time. Maxi is growing up and maturing quickly. He experiences lots of fascinating events during his quest. Maxi made friends very easily because he was a very hardworking, honest and fearsome young man. He tried to help everyone as he could on the way to complete his journey. He reached a Kingdom which was draped in black. The King’s daughter was kidnapped by a big dragon. Maxi takes the challenge on and goes after the princess, to rescue her. He brings her back to her father, he succeeds in his quest. This is when Maxi realizes his urgency for the calling of this journey. After being Knighted, Maxi is rewarded by the King by allowing Maxi to wed his daughter, Princess Goldie. Maxi is now a very handsome mature young man. He goes to pick up his father as he promised and then visits the giants Queen’s castle. He then returns home to the King’s castle. He became very thrilled with his new life and the future of his new family, including his father in the King’s and Princesses’ and his Kingdom.


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Pages: 46 | Trim Size: 8.5x11

Genre: Juvenile

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