Kool Kids A-Z

Author: Deirdre A. Simms, RSW.


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An educator, a Social Worker, a former National Reading Trainer for American Federation of Teachers. It's her belief that as an educator she's had the innovativeness to inspire, passion to push, and the means to motivate all scholars to achieve academic success!

A recipient of numerous educational awards throughout three decades in the education sector, most honorable Teacher of the year in 2002 and 2015.

She states according to evidence-based research alphabetic recognition is a fundamental part of learning how to read. Without it, children struggle learning the letter sound that letter makes and blending those letter sounds together.

This mere fact inspired and impelled her to create a book that would be an exciting and engaging way to master the very first component of reading.

Educationally Yours,

Queen Deirdre A. Simms, RSW

As an educator for over thirty years I have had the rewarding opportunity to work with various age groups. However, I found it extremely more gratifying to work relentless with kids at an early age to ensure reading readiness. It was then that I recognized kids struggled more with recognizing and naming the lower case letters in comparison to the upper case letters. Mastering alphabetic principle is one of the key components towards a successful reader.Motivated to come up with a fun way to provide kids all over the world with an opportunity to seek the hidden lower-case letters a-z representing a Kool Kid just like you!

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Genre: Children

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