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Walk in my shoes is a true story about my life with CP (Cerebral Palsy), a quick glimpse into what I dealt with every day since I started walking. It is an inspirational and informational story about not only CP but other disabilities as well. Have you ever felt different? Like an outcast? Well, that is the story of my life because I have CP. Growing up was very tough on me and my teenage years were a complete nightmare. Reading Walk in my shoes is an opportunity for all to get something out of it, its inspiration, knowledge, or understanding, or all three. Walk in my shoes is my first book, and I hope to have a positive impact on many after they are done reading. Working with youth for so many years has given me the motivation to write this book. Enjoy!

My name is Chinenye Ibegbu but to everyone else, I am Chichi or Mr. Chichi when it comes to my students. I am from Buffalo, NY. I received my undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice at Medaille College and my master’s in criminal justice administration at Niagara University. When I graduated from Niagara in 2016, I continued to work with children as a teacher aide and I love what I do. I currently work at an elementary school, but I have worked with middle schoolers and high schoolers in the past. My goal is to be an advocate for youth, giving them a voice so they can succeed and to spread the idea that they can achieve anything even if they have a disability. While on my journey toward my dream, I wanted to write a book. It first started in my head and then I slowly without even knowing it started to tell people verbally. I always wanted to tell this part of my story and put it in book form because I wanted people to get to know me personally.

Walk in my shoes is the very first book I have ever written, and I hope to write more books in the future. I have so many ideas that I want to put on paper; I just got to put it on paper and let my brain run free. Writing has always been therapy for me to get any emotions I am feeling on paper. I saw that I enjoyed writing, and it is indeed a work of art. I have been told many times that I should write a book and here we are now. I am glad that I can welcome all of you into part of my life regarding my CP. The decision to create this story was not easy but I felt if it could touch one person at the end of the day and make a difference, I would be happy.

My interests are reading, writing, watching movies including Harry Potter or Marvel, and watching sports including football, hockey, soccer, and basketball. I have been a huge Buffalo Bills fan since I was a little kid, and I loved going to games and cheering them on. I am that fan who tells everyone they are going to the Superbowl every year because I am that optimistic.

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