Author: Karis White & Cali Culbreath


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From the aspiring mind of a 2 year old girl, this book is a cool twist on positive self-affirmation. With the world’s demand for being perfect, Cali reminds us of the importance of being unapologetically yourself. With simple words that insure a healthy self-image, this book will encourage others to practice self love. Whether you’re 2 or 92 years old, this book is sure to remind you that you are enough just as you are.

Meet Cali!

She’s two years old with a passion for dance, fashion and all things unicorn. Cali is vibrant, curious, and loves to live out loud. With her love for reading books, and using her imagination, Cali has so much to share. In this book, Cali will share her vision and positive affirmations of self love . From the eyes of a little girl straight to the pages of your home, Cali Culbreath is unstoppable!

Meet Karis!

Karis is a Chicago native, who has love for all things culture. Being a mommy blogger, makeup artist and student, Karis wears many hats; but being a mother of 2 is by far the most fulfilling job yet. Along with her love of children and family, she has a passion for art, music and all things beauty. Introducing her children to the joys of life is what she enjoys most! Instilling values of education, self love and family is what Karis wants to bring to the world. In this book, written by Karis White in the words of Cali Culbreath, Karis will help bring Cali’s idea that "You are worthy by just being you to life!”

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Pages: 20 | Trim Size: 8.5x8.5

Genre: Juvenile

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