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Discover over 300 Vegan/Vegetarian recipes which are prepared in the mood of love and devotion. These recipes help to develop a transcendental connection with the food one consumes and directs them to the Supreme source of it.

This book is for you if you are: a cooking enthusiast, new to cooking, love to prepare simple meals, likes to explore exotic meals, transitioning to the vegan or vegetarian diet and /or wants to learn the art of conscious food preparation.

This book has an array of recipes which are understandable and duplicatable for you to have a wonderful journey in the "Kṛṣṇatarian way of life."

Radhika Piyari devi dasi (dd) is a cooking enthusiast who appreciates the opportunity to serve Kṛṣṇa through preparing different kinds of meals that her family and those she is connected to are nourished by and enjoy. She is a Bhakti Yoga Practisioner along with being a wonderful wife and mother. Teamed up with a Canadian husband whose taste buds are acclimatized to Indian cuisine with a favoritism towards life enriching foods; and along with her background of having been born in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai, her knack for creating fresh and flavorful food creations were enhanced. Due to being asked by many individuals for the recipe to what they had honored, she realized that her work could be best offered in a way that even more people can benefit. This is what led her towards documenting her recipes and producing instructional videos featured on various social media websites. This is one of the reasons why she decided to turn her documentation into a fine book. Given her reach to a broader audience from in-person live presentations to short "How to" clips, a website and even an app, Radhika Piyari dd enthusiastically offers this comprised collection of confectionary devotion. To know more about her channel you can visit : https://Krsnatarian.com.

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