The New Normal: Post-COVID

Author: Mandy Goharnia


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In this comic, I’m looking into the changes in the educational system because of the COVID pandemic and how they affect the children. The main focus of educational systems, all over the world is supposed to be the students. This book explains how so extremely our focus has been shifted away from the children and specifically their socioemotional development. Our focus has become fighting a virus and to serve this purpose we are neglecting our commitment to our student’s mental and emotional well-being. To show my concerns I made two pages for each point. First one describes our values and priorities before the pandemic and the second one shows how our

focus has changed during the pandemic. 

Our students, children of all ages and backgrounds, are the ones who lead the future. I am just concerned about where this changes are leading us.

I have been working in the educational system as a teacher and early childhood educator for more than 20 years. My main focus has always been the children under my care and their wellbeing.

I’ve had the privilege of working both in public school and public childcare centers. I have worked with children of allages, as young as infants all the way up to young adults. I am also an artist. I have been sketching, drawing and painting professionally or as a hobby for most of my life. To make this comic, first I started drawing what I noticed around me, then added words in bubbles and explanations about the pictures. To express my point of view I’ve exaggerated what’s in reality and used sarcasm.

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