Sips Through the Ages: History and Art of the Cocktail

Author: Bernhard Fritz-Krockow


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All throughout the ages, humans have sipped alcoholic mixes. From humble beginnings as fermented liquids, they evolved as alembics and stills made stronger, more diverse distillates possible. Technology, efficiency and cost considerations, societal norms, and changing tastes modified these concoctions over time. They have progressed in complexity and taste from mild medicinal tonics to reflect the changing predilections of human society.

This book follows the history of these alcoholic mixes, emphasizing the liqueurs that were created throughout history as tastes and technology changed, while taking the reader through more than 180 recipes. These include unforgettable classics in addition to the author’s original cocktails that recreate the tastes of the past using currently available liqueurs. Added to the mix are historical facts and curious anecdotes that place the cocktails in their historical context and are sure to entertain and enlighten you.

Unlike other books about cocktails, this book categorizes recipes by their liqueurs, not by the main alcoholic spirits, making it easier for the reader to recreate the recipes. You will also find an extensive index at the end of the book providing easy guidance to specific cocktails.

Bernhard Fritz-Krockow is an international economist and finance expert with numerous books, articles, and awards spanning four decades. He has publications in 7 languages and has lived on four continents. His ability to entertain his guests, friends, and family with his own cocktail creations was always a great ice-breaker that also helped him in his career in international finance. He currently calls the Colorado mountains home.

Over four decades, he has built considerable expertise in all things mixological, with a distinct interest in “up drinks”: libations typically strained into a cocktail glass. Along the way, his recipe collection and knowledge were nurtured by his fascination with repeated experimentation and modification. His contagious joy for the subject and his ability to communicate, entertain, and teach are reflected in his book and are sure to motivate and entertain any curious reader.

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