Beasts of the Past: Book 2 in The Chronicles of Beasts

Author: B Ramsey


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After a tumultuous and albeit bizarre wedding night, the newly married couple Charles and Maya Emrys prepare to take their honeymoon. A cruise on the royal yacht and finally some relaxing alone time. Their trip is derailed after their ship is ransacked by a group of strangely dressed warriors that are after the new Queen of the Children of Selene. After being kidnapped Maya learns the origin of her strange new abilities in the heart of Atlantis. The legendary home of the supposed massacred Leviathan of old. Except there seems to be a few things off about the strange homeland of the ancient vampires. Starting with the strange Goddess who has been calling to Maya in her dreams.

B. Ramsey is a Graduate of Northern Illinois University, who has always had a fondness for reading and an intense dislike of people and reality in general. She began writing when she was 14 for fun. These little fun ideas would one day become the rough manuscripts and basis of her books, she has always had a flair for storytelling and the dramatic. Her favorite font is a tie between Times New Roman and Balthazar. She has no sense of humor... That was a joke.

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Black & White

Pages: 120 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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