The Veil: A Journey to the Other Side

Author: J.E. Fisher


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When we see the truth, we know there is nothing in our lives more valuable than people and love. We are at another time in our history, in this life, that important adjustments should be considered. When we think about historical conversations about Noah and others, we have an obligation to understand how we arrived at a point in time that the creator decided to reset most of human life. The legitimacy of the Ark has been qualified and quantified by scholars and scientists alike.

This book, through the eyes of a traveler beyond the veil, captures the essences of truth and purpose. I suggest the reader look inward, beyond prejudice, judgment and what they have been told and seek truth from the soul. This writing walks through the veil that separates God from the creation. The reader will explore the illusion of separation and how it would be required, for an infinite being, to learn of itself.

The core purpose of this book is to wake up your soul. God speaks to us through our soul, and we can hear his voice in us. I would love to hear from you about anything, and of course about my writings.

I am one of five children, raised in rural Ohio. I grew up on a family farm and attended a Pilgram Holiness Church and Christian School until I was fifteen years old. My parents differed in opinion on where one should be educated, but ultimately, we could no longer afford to send me to a Christian school, so I went to a public school for the last few years of grade school. My parents had divorced many years earlier, and times were tough for my mother and brothers and sister. My mother and father taught me great things, like perseverance, commitment and step one to success is showing up, but just like many that come from a broken home, I needed a guide to point me in the right direction.

God blessed me with guides, at some of the most critical times in my life. When I was sixteen, I met some angels, and they changed my life forever. Jerry and Donna saved my life and showed me a better way. A way I cannot not put into words, but I will say, that without these angels, this book is not written by my hand, and I am probably not here today. My writings are my way of paying what I learned from Jerry and Donna forward. We are all created in the light of God, perfect in every way and sometimes we need someone to remind us of that. Now at sixteen, I did not know of the Veil and change was not immediate or likely, but my ship was turned from the rocks toward education and leadership. I have graduated from three separate universities and have a master’s in business. I love to lead, to inspire, to guide and I hope my writings reflect this as a worthy undertaking. God Bless.

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