To Fly on a Cloud: Maine

To Fly on a Cloud: Maine

Author: Mike Edgecomb


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It seemed like any other summer morning, but there was something that

wasn’t quite right. Taylor and Nikki were being followed. Was it a ghost?

A werewolf? Or something even more sinister? It all happened so fast,

but they found themselves on the adventure of a lifetime. Thousands of

feet up in the air, learning all about the state of Maine. There was one

question that needed to be asked. What is that mysterious cloud doing

with Bandit?

Michael Edgecomb was the captain of a pirate

ship. He built forts and castles and explored

the wilderness. All of this happened to him

in the woods behind his house when he was

a boy. He was able to live out every childhood

adventure he could imagine. His adventures

continue today, but now he explores all over

New England with his wife and four children.

Mike has been a lifelong resident of New

England, spending the last 26 years in New


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Black & White

Pages: 108 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Juvenile

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