Heartbreak & Hot Pot: A Memoir

Author: Kevin Steele


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Heartbreak & Hot Pot: A Memoir is the story of Kevin Steele, the author.

The novel gives intimate details about his life since 2015, when everything went sideways, when the Universe seemed to turn against him with traumatic event after traumatic event.

This vulnerable tale begins with the death of a loved one, then takes us through a divorce, some bad dating experiences, and then engagement to be married! That sounds promising!

But in the end this relationship turned out to be very devastating to his psyche as well.

And then there’s COVID, his small business and the tumultuous events that bring us up to today, where the future is unknown and unknowable.

This writing gives a deep look into what happens inside the brain of someone going through these events. Its vulnerability will hopefully give you a new perspective on your life and caring for your loved ones.

Kevin Steele is a 57-year-old former marketing executive and hair salon owner who now lives with his parents.

He’s had a string of miserable events occur in his life in recent years. These heartbreaks have shaped him into the person he is today, a struggling, vulnerable author that happens to be a kind, caring soul who might have been pretty bad in a past life, given all that is happening now.

During his time navigating those difficult events he uncovered a great diet trick that helped him get healthy after years of eating a bit too much.

He wrote this book to relate both sides of the story. The Heartbreak and the Hot Pot. The hurt and the hope. The desire to connect with others. Hopefully this book will help achieve that objective and you may gain some useful insight into the trials of others.


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Black & White

Pages: 262 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Memoir

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