When Life and Death Collide

Author: Kendal Beffre & Jailyn Medeiros


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This book is entertaining the idea of what life would be like in the afterlife. Would it be good or fall apart like the world? This book stars three people of different worlds, Clover, Lucas, and Selena. They hold great power in keeping life together, but when will they know that. This is the first book of this series. This book plays with the thought that no one is ever the villain in their own story, would you like to know more? Then you’ll have to read the book.

Kendal Be­ffre and Jailyn Medeiros are both fifteen years old, with a passion for writing. Two people from different worlds yet united with this passion. ­ is book started with a conversation of the afterlife and what it would be like, eventually creating a giant story in our heads. We then put our heads together and worked really hard to produce this book When Life and Death Collide.

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Pages: 160

Genre: Fiction


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