Different Paths

Author: Jaime Baez


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A story about two boys that grow up together in the South Bronx, NY Ghetto. John Rodriguez brought up by parents that grew up in Puerto Rico, and moved to NY to help their son to become successful in the land of opportunity. They were fine upstanding citizens and did everything to enable their son to succeed.

Jay Santana, on the other hand, was brought up by parents, also born in Puerto Rico and decided to move NY in order to live a better lifestyle. His mother was a very religious woman who did the best she could to instill goodness and decency in him. However, he had a father who had a taste for ladies of the night, gambling and drinking. To make matters worse he was abusive to his wife and son.

Both boys became the best of friends and decided to do whatever it takes to seek out opportunities to live a better lifestyle’ John Rodriguez eventually becomes a successful Lawyer. Jay Santana, on the other hand sets out to become involved in all sorts of crime, as he was easily influenced by his peers in the ghetto on how to make money illegally but quickly.

Jaime Baez grew up in the South Bronx, NY. Basically, he grew up in the ghetto and was exposed to negative things that occur in the ghetto. At the same time, there were great things that were fun to do back in those times. Eventually, Jaime discovered that he had some artistic talents. He always got involved in school plays, as he loved acting. He played drums in a couple of local bands, and he sang. He then got involved in getting into acting professionally. Unfortunately, certain circumstances had hindered him from pursuing that career. He then decided to write a novel called Different Paths.

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Pages: 68 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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