The 10W's To WELLNESS: Insights from Homeopathy

Author: Sunil Anand


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As modern medicine has advanced, we have become accustomed to determining our level of health by measuring various lab tests and high tech imaging. While these assessment tools sometimes help us understand and make adjustments to our lives when issues arise, they are often hyper-focused on isolated symptoms and physical malfunctioning where the essence of the whole individual can be lost.

Have you ever received a clean medical record of health - blood tests, scans, imaging are all pristine - yet from a holistic perspective you do not feel well? This is when shifting your focus to a new paradigm of health will reveal the answers you are seeking.

In the book - The 10W’s to Wellness, Dr. Anand carries the reader on a journey of deeper understanding of how experience of health or disease is based on holistic experiences of overall life. The subtle art and flow of homeopathic case taking and management bears parallel to the art of living and working in harmony.

We all come into this world with a deep desire to experience, grow and thrive and sometimes our life’s journey can take us away from this wonderful trajectory. This book based on the basic tenets of homeopathy, carries the reader on a journey of understanding how their earliest life experiences result in patterned behaviors that form the lens from which they experience life- both in health and disease.

His unique holistic approach offers you a journey of exploring childhood moments, hobbies throughout life, impactful incidents, memorable dreams and various right brain activities like doodling to support greater self awareness and healing.


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Genre: Medical

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