The Difference Between You and I

Author: Gabby Vazquez


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Payton Liss has always lived in between the lines of what society wanted her to be. Feeling like she is the anchor that keeps her family steady, she has always put other people’s needs before hers which plays into her depression and insomnia. All her life she has felt suffocated by her parents’ pressures that she must be the perfect child. Thinking that after her senior year she could just go away to college so she wouldn’t have to feel suffocated by her family anymore, Payton makes sure that nothing gets in the way of her leaving this town and her own trauma behind. She wants to move away to discover who she truly is and what she truly wants in life. She doesn’t want to feel stuck anymore. Turns out it’s not working as well as she thought it was.

Kade Matthews didn’t know what to expect from this new town. All he knew is that he wanted to start over. He wanted to forget about everything him and his mom went through in his childhood and finally heal. What he didn’t expect was to meet Payton. Little did they know that meeting each other would’ve been the best and worst thing that could happen to them. With both of their past revealing themselves and the feelings they are building for each other, it is making it harder for Payton to decide what is best for her and what she really wants.

Gabby Vazquez grew up in a small town in New Jersey with dreams of being a writer. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in communication from Keystone college. Gabby started developing The Difference Between You and I at the start of college on writing sites before deciding to publish the novel.

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Pages: 194 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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