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Yasmeen Blake is a very intelligent, talented, and gorgeous young lady with a heart of gold. She has some short comings but who doesn’t. Yasmeen is an administrative supervisor of Social work at a local hospital in California. She is hard working, and she is damn good at her job. Yasmeen is unmarried, single and she is looking for love. After getting her heart broken by Aaron Sinclair, a doctor who works at the same hospital. Yasmeen guards her heart that is until Doctor Mahmoud Shashivivek, the new Owner of the hospital, arrives. Mahmoud is a neurosurgeon. He stands six feet tall one hundred sixty-five pounds with silky black curly hair the flows down to his shoulders and his strong facial fetchers. With eyes, as blue as the ocean. His skin is flawless and blemish free like smooth light creamy caramel. His smile is bright like the sun that revels his beautiful pearly white teeth. His lip like a dark pink rose. With a physique, better than the Rock. Eight pack abs with strong arms and hands. Yasmeen wants to hate Mahmoud but her body longs to have him but he’s promised to another woman.

I served in the US Army. I have three wonderful children whom I love pass live. I was born in Columbia, South Carolina. I come from a large family. I have always had a passion for writing. I love to travel and I have a very nactive imagination. I have no limitations on where my mind will go. I will try anything once. I like my readers to see my vision of what I’m thinking and draw them into my mind where I keep Brina the other me. I love excitement, drama, twist, and turns. I like shaking things up.

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Pages: 326 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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