Deceived By Evil - A Great Sacrifice

Author: John Daniel Roberts


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Deceived by Evil was conceived by a dream in a dream. A dream the author had after he’d dreamed of the funeral of a significant friend. And after reflecting on the funeral of many of his friends buried before their time, and all deceived by

their own distractions.

The dream, Deceived by Evil, is a brief synopsis or description of the damage that can occur when we’re vulnerable to the deceit of distractions that comes at us from a dark place. Most of the time, when we’re young, we are innocent and naïve to the many directions that life can pull us in, whether by bad parenting or many other abuses coming at us from all angles of darkness.

This book is mainly about discernment, about being spiritually attuned to the negative forces at play and of a devil who is totally involved, by any means necessary, in the manipulation and orchestration of every chord and note played to the tune of our destruction. And as the book concludes, sometimes we must be ready to sacrifice that thing that looks right and feels good to the touch but deadly to the use. But it’s not necessary for you to have to sacrifice your life, if you learn from the lives that have been sacrificed to evil for your good. So if this book is received in its proper perspective by those who read it, my hope is that they will be able to lessen their chance of being Deceived by Evil.

Born seventh child of eleven to servants of God, the author was enthralled and fascinated with the power and imagery of art. The author meddled in all types of mediums since the age of six. At sixteen, he was challenged to write by his beloved art teacher who saw in him the gift. Now forty-seven years later, he is still writing, but solely as a servant of God and as a messenger. His desire and hope is to deliver to whomever (in his first book) the core of who is, a beggar gleaning from the Master’s table to give to those who are not at that place Spiritually.

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Genre: Religion

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