The Dead and the Bizarre are here and all around us: Chapter 3

Author: David A. Landry


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In Chapter 3 of The Dead and the Bizarre are here and all around us, you will question yourself, Is this author real? The things he writes about in his stories seem so far-fetched that he's got be making them up. Well, I hate to burst your bubble-everything is accurate. When I wrote them, it flowed as if I was back in the day when it happened. I have often watched horror flicks, and when certain things happen in the movies, I say to myself, "No way." Then memories hit home, and I realize that, yes, they do happen. You may ask, "Why does this guy seems to have things happen to him than most others?" As I said before, it just has, and I have no reason to explain them. I do know one thing for sure: if you know that there's a spirit around you, there's a great chance they will play with your mind. Growing up since Mr. Black had, I guess made me sensitive to the other side. Believe what you want, but enjoy my books.

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You may be tempted to believe it's fiction, but it's not

I found myself immersed in the stories, whichever book I read from David's series. He is an extraordinary writer. You have to try one to appreciate his style. I've always been fascinated by this other dimension. I met David before his books were published. These are real experiences, not fiction. I'm glad to have access to his 3 volumes and waiting for the 4th one.


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Genre: Non-Fiction

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