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Eclipze is a story that follows Fin McHale in his quest to prepare for a prophesized apocalypse. He is given about a year by the oracle Odin to go out and gather allies across Barlin. Barlin is the country Eclipze takes place in. Fin first meets two-woman form a small town in a forest. He is passing through looking for members of his old mercenary group when he stops to help a young girl being pursued by a monster. The girl and her older sister are workers from a peach orchard outside the town of Vuilas. The younger sister, Morgan has always wanted to leave her home town and views Fin as her key to adventure. The young girl joins Fin and her older sister Gwen decides to tag along as well. They continue to travel Barlin from town to town looking for Fins old teammates as well as the kingdoms twelve zodiac knights. The Zodiac knights are the strongest knights in the kings army. They do not take direct orders from the king despite being under his rule so Fin has to go and convince them to join his cause individually. They go all across the land fighting mythical beast and monsters and gather the members of the Fianna (the mercenary group) as well as getting the support of several townspeople, knights, and lord, even the king of Barlin. The apocalypse is prophesized to take place during an eclipse at a destroyed temple. It marks the return of the old king of Barlin who was sealed away centuries before the story begins. His seal is released and he and his three most loyal followers as well as his dark army are allowed to return to Bralin.

Eclipze is heavily inspired by Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology. The tales of Cu Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhail is two that I drew a lot of inspiration from. I feel like Celtic mythology is often overlooked in popular culture due to the popularity of Greek and Norse gods. The story of Eclipze is a character-driven story that takes place in a diverse fictional country filled with incredible creatures and unique people. It's a world of magic and knights that also reflects on the darker side of its reality.

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Do you dream of miracles?

Once, as a young boy, I thought that the world was bright and happy, joyously going about my days in peaceful oblivion. Over the years, that light inside my soul began to dim, leaving behind only the smallest ember of hope, struggling to survive in the deepest recesses of my mind. For years, I have gone about my days in melancholy and misery only spurred into action by the promise that one day I would find the perfect manga. Rejoice, for I can finally exclaim that the day of prophecy has arrived! Eclipze is a shooting star, the shining light that bring my broken, downtrodden soul to the glory of salvation. I have been fascinated by Bryan McElroy's work ever since our first encounter. In our first meeting, I was flabbergasted by the pure creative drive that spills forth in brilliant glory from every fiber of his being. It is as if he has existed for centuries, constantly expanding his genius and spreading the glory of his being. This book in particular is manga in its purest essence. There are pictures and words, all arranged in different frames. Its also pretty good. Check it out sometime, you'll probably find that its worth the asking price.

by Bartholomew

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Black & White

Pages: 90 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novel

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