Don't Look Away

Author: Eiling Fingal


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Don't Look Away is a poetry book written to shine light in on the children who are in the care of Social Services. Writing from the perspective of those who have come from these situations and those who tirelessly work in attempts to better these children's lives, pointing out the flaws in the system that continuously go unchanged and unchecked, and to shine a light into the life of the ones who endure abuse and neglect. This book shares sneak peeks into the different children that have come through the emergency receiving house that Eiling began working at a short time ago.

Eiling Fingal is a 23 year old Canadian who found her passion in her current workplace with an emergency receiving home, she was hiredto help get the project started roughly at the beginning of 2019. Eiling gained an interest in the field of helping others from her parents who had worked at various places in their youth and in Eiling's first years of adulthood she served as a youth leader which only furthered her passion for children and youth. Working with children in the system continues to be a passion for Eiling. If not at work, writing is another strong passion that can occupy her day and for many years publishing a book has served as an aspiration for Eiling to achieve one day.

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Black & White

Pages: 128 | Trim Size: 5.5x8.5

Genre: Poetry

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