Dear Writing

Author: Amanda Abraham


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“Dear Writing,

What have you done to me?”

What was this unseen, but powerful force that I couldn’t seem to escape the grip of? Part of me loved it, and part of me hated it. How could it take control of my conscious mind and shape my every thought before I could even think it? Furthermore, how could I love and hate the very same thing at the very same time? Why now, why me? Moving forward meant finding answers and this was proving to be no easy task.

The letters that make up this book combine many aspects of my life: trampoline, coaching, school, singing, etc. The way all of this fits together, like pieces to a puzzle, form one common purpose and goal: a passion for living.

Writing… Passion.

Amanda Abraham is an imaginative teenage author who resides in the great state of Michigan. She finds joy with the little things in life, creating adventure with every step. As a competitive trampolinist, dual-enrolled high school student, passionate tumbling coach, and vocalist, Amanda sees everything through the eyes of a writer. Like pieces to a puzzle, her daily adventures come to life in this memoir. Dear Writing walks readers through laughter, drama, joy, heartache, and what having a passion for life truly means. It is Amanda’s hope that readers-young and aged-will be inspired to relate, dream, and ALWAYS “look up”.

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Captivating I couldn't put it down!!

OMG Amanda what a magnificent book!!! I started reading it and goodness right from the first paragraph you had me I couldn't wait page to page what was going to happen next!! I laughed, I cried I was in awe as I was feeling the heartfelt love you projected for everything you did or was involved with!! You definitely have the gift of describing everything to engrave a picture of what was going on!! I so can't wait for your next book!!

by Joan

I couldn't put it down

"Dear Amanda," you are so talented! The twists and turns were engaging and very relatable! You shared so many truths from your heart. Keep on your armor because you are correct: "Nobody can forget a soldier"! I cannot wait for another book. Keeping up with you on social media in the meantime :)

by Mary M

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Pages: 160 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Memoir

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