Weeds to Wisdom, The Truth of God's Blessings

Author: Gina Butson


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The first part of this book is a 30 Days of Thanks. A journal I kept during a difficult time in my life to give me hope and a purpose to overcome my many obstacles. To help me see all my blessings amongst the noise and the chaos. I share these examples in the hopes that you may find your thankfulness in whatever you may be going through.

The second part of this book is an account of my blessings jar that I kept for a year. Writing the things down that brought me joy was my way of dealing with a trying life situation. It helped so much and enriched my life more than I could even know. Not until the day I went back and read those pieces of paper did I understand Weeds to Wisdom. What a glorious thing.

When all seems lost bring yourself out of your weeds and into your wisdom! Find the blessings that enrich your life!

I challenge you to take this journey with me in these pages and to write your own journal and keep your own blessings jar. My hope for you is that you come out of this experience a happier person with a closer relationship with yourself and God!

Gina Butson was born Regina Elaine Meritt in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on March 25, 1967. She lived her first year in Iowa and her remaining childhood in various parts of Wisconsin. Gina moved to Argyle, Wisconsin, in 1981. This is where she first met her husband, Mike. Mike and Gina were married on May 2, 1987, at a very young age. Her first daughter was born in 1991, and her second daughter was born in 1995. She and Mike raised their daughters in their small hometown and still live in Argyle today. Gina was not introduced to God until later in her life. Growing up, her family did not mention God or go to church. She found God and Jesus with her own family just a few years ago. Gina and Mike live their lives for the Lord and continue in their faith walk on a daily basis. Showing their love and compassion for one another as well as for the Lord. Gina wrote these books with her family and friends in mind; however, her hope is that her readers will feel close to her as well. And in doing so that they can use her words to find their way in any situation they may be facing.

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