Between the Grey: Poetry and Prose

Author: James Compton


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Between the Grey is a collection of poems written to make people think in more than one way about a given aspect of their life, or someone else’s. Some may read a poem within this book and see a light that they would love to strive to possess, while others may read the same line and see a distress signal needing to be fought. It is all about the interpretation to the reader, and I challenge people to try and see the opposite perspective as well. Life isn’t black and white, it is grey, but I challenge this as well, I believe there is more to it then the grey area, and that lies in finding what others see and taking a look into why their conceptions of the world are the way they are.

My name is James Compton, I grew up in a small farm town of Fruita, Colorado. Here I played many sports growing up and developed my passion to be the best at what I was doing, after the world of sports closed I found a new passion. Writing. I found that I could get my voice heard through my writing. This new voice helped me, to alleviate my own stress, and most importantly take away my own bias. Through the help of my family and all those close to me I was able to fulfill this dream of mine. I am 20 years old, and studying counseling psychology at Colorado Mesa University.

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Pages: 126 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Poetry

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