BEEF NEVER DIES : Welcome to Dodge City

Author: Forrest K Murphy Jr.


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Beef never dies is heart-pounding. Rollercoaster ride of a street novel. Jamal finds himself back in the street war that he thought he had left behind. Jealousy has no time frame for Black. Who has nothing but death for this man? And it will be a firestorm when it happens, as officers and females with nothing to lose find themselves all caught up just for a night of fire. Always remember that in the streets, beef never dies.

I was born in Philadelphia, Pa., to Marrietta Holland and Forrest K. Murphy Sr. He had a troubled childhood filled with ups and downs, mostly downs. After a troubled schooling semester in the 10th grade, he decided to turn to the street for recognition. Soon after, at around the age of 18, he made two mistakes. He got locked up, and it didn’t scare him. He figured it was just part of the life he chose. So he became a wolf. But a wolf with a brain.

“Life is short; make what you can.”

Forrest Murphy A.K.A. (Jamal)

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Black & White

Pages: 286 | Trim Size: 6x9

Genre: Fiction

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